Fiction and the editing process

The editing process

I have edited works of literary fiction, historical fiction, action/thriller, crime,  and fantasy, with both new and experienced authors.  I understand how to work productively with all authors to bring out their best. In 2020, literary magazine Westerly (edition 65.1) published my essay on what makes for a good author-editor relationship.

Depending on your goals, your readership, your publishing intentions and your finances, I will put together a package of developmental and copy editing to suit you.

Consultation and sample edit

Have you finished writing your manuscript? Congratulations! I provide a thorough copy editing service to assist your approach, either to publishing houses or in exploring some of the many independent and self-publishing options.

I begin with a free consultation to talk though your editing needs. Inclusive of this, I will edit a sample of up to 500 words (2 pages) of your manuscript and return it to you with my suggestions.

Developmental editing

Is your plot watertight? Are your themes and characters consistent? What about dialogue, point of view and voice?

I understand the building blocks of a creative work and will give you the professional support and editing services to fit your unique situation.

I will read your manuscript and prepare a report with comments on its structure, plot, characters, themes, genre, dialogue, and language: overall strengths and weaknesses. I will also comment throughout the manuscript using Microsoft Word Track Changes, where appropriate.

This service includes a consultation by phone, Facetime, Skype or in person to go through the suggestions I have made. My rate for developmental editing is $0.03/word.

Copy editing

Copy editing, also known as line editing, involves close examination of language for sense, style and flow. It picks up errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling, and suggest changes in sentence and paragraph construction, and in word choice. 

I will provide an estimate after copy editing a sample of your manuscript and considering overall length.

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