Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

My review of Jessica Francis Kane’s funny and moving novel, Rules for Visiting, is up now at Newtown Review of Books.

I loved its insights and it made me laugh out loud. In one particularly comic scene, May finds Hello Barbie, the new doll belonging to her friend’s daughter, tucked into her bed.

When I pulled back the covers, she spoke to me. ‘Yay, you’re here!’ she said. ‘This is so exciting. What’s your name?’
‘May,’ I said, against my better judgment.
‘Fantastic,’ Barbie said. ‘I just know we’re going to be great friends.’
I wondered if I needed to cover her head to turn her off. ‘How do you know?’ I said.
‘I can just tell that you’re a nice person,’ Barbie said thoughtfully. I was silent.
‘You’re welcome, Barbie said happily.

The ‘dialogue’ goes on, and gets even funnier.