Business writing

Complex submissions
Do you manage long documents with multiple stakeholders? Do you work in complex or changing political environments? I will pull your documents into a coherent whole to improve readability, flow, construction and bring out meaning. I have worked on:

  • Funding proposals and grant applications
  • Submissions to government enquiries
  • Research reports
  • Award applications.

Corporate writing
Too often, organisations are hamstrung by complex technical, legalistic or bureaucratic language but they can be reluctant to change.  Does this sound familiar?

‘It’s how we’ve always done it’
‘It’s how our competitors talk – the clients expect it’
‘It’s how management wants it written’

I can make your messages flow like liquid gold. I will:

  • Identify your audience — the ones with an interest
  • Crystallise what you’re selling — a product, an idea, an emotion
  • Remind them why they care — with lyrical, effective content.

Technical and operational writing
Do your documents manage processes? Are they consistent? Do you want them to achieve certain outcomes?

  • Complex functions need clear processes that dovetail into each other, complement rather than duplicate each other, and support the outcomes. Do yours?
  • Are your messages confused? Perhaps your documents are saying the same thing in too many different ways and places. A single, coherent source of advice is more efficient than duplicative messages.
  • Is your material readable? Decisions are made by people, not machines. How hard is it to decipher what you are saying, or asking? When we get too close to our own material, a fresh set of eyes can be invaluable.

I transform your notes or research into a finished piece for publication under your byline, to deadline.


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