Are your documents letting you down?

Good communication is always the responsibility of the communicator, not the person receiving it. You may not be getting the traction in the market that you deserve because of poorly structured documentation, sloppy content or confused sentences.

You are a writer (or can be)

Today, with roles merging into each other, we all have to be writers. Forget about there being two groups of people in the world—writers and non-writers.

Some people may start with more innate skill and, if they also love language and reading, these people may go on to become gifted writers.

But everybody can learn the core steps towards good writing.

It’s a process

Research into what writers actually do when they write has shown us that writing is a thinking process with a number of equally important steps. To convey the meaning sought and needed by our reader, we need to see our thoughts in writing, then think again, then write some more—thinking/writing/reading/thinking.

Whether it’s a letter to your local Member of Parliament, a prospectus for the sale of a million dollar business or a user guide, the process of writing is the same.

We can all become better writers through understanding and following the six process steps for clear written communication—generating, organising, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading.

I have developed training modules around these six process steps. These steps apply to any written communication, from an operations manual to a love sonnet.

Find out more…

It starts with thinking. If you would like to learn more about the relationship between clear writing and clear thinking subscribe to my better writing course and I’ll send you the first step—Generating.

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