Jessica Stewart Professional Writing

Writing and editing for outcomes

In this digital age with its abundance of words, I can make yours stand out.

Whether you need a report, operational policy or procedure,  tender,  submission, or any other corporate documentation, my clear, compelling writing style will get results.

If you’re looking for an editor, you may have a draft which needs to be tightened, polished, then cleaned of all errors.  Or perhaps you’re looking for big picture guidance and structural advice.

Every piece of writing takes the reader on a journey. I can help you bring out the story in yours.

Contact me here to discuss your requirements and receive a fast estimate.  Alternatively, call me on (0409) 923 287 or  email me  at

Jessica Stewart Professional Writing

I research, draft and edit critical technical and operational documents. I review and synthesise complex, technical source material, as well as conduct stakeholder interviews, for your correspondence, submissions, grants, tenders and other documentation needs.

Need compelling copy? I write persuasive submissions, book blurbs, promotional material, brochures, advertisements, and correspondence to help you achieve your goals.

Busy? I can handle large volumes of information and manage complex and sensitive issues for elected representatives and government executives under extreme pressure.

Clients include Healius Ltd, Ausgrid, Fighting Chance, E.Y. Sweeney, A. T. Kearney, Optus, Macquarie University, Australian Unity, Lexis Nexis.

I am a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors and my services begin with a free consultation so that we can establish what kind of editing you need. I provide the following services.

  1. Structural editing: I improve the composition and flow of your document to ensure it makes sense and engages your reader.
  2. Copy editing: I correct grammar and spelling, and optimise sentence construction and word use for your audience. I accurately and clearly format tables of contents, headings, captions, tables and figures, references, citations, hyperlinks and page numbers.
  3. Proofreading: I provide a final review to give you peace of mind that your document is error-free.

Fast estimates

Project estimates
I provide fast estimates for projects.

    For proofreading and editing work, email me at with your document’s word count and a sample from the middle section. Please also set out your requirements and expectations. I will assess the level of edit required and anticipated duration of the job.

In your email, please also provide me with your name, address and telephone number.

What happens next

The agreement

Once we agree to proceed, I will draw up an agreement which outlines the project details and expectations. It will specify rates, the level of editing that we agree is required, and payment terms. We will each sign a copy.

Once the agreement is signed, email any additional material to me:

The services

I work on proofs and edits electronically using Microsoft Word Track Changes.  You can see my editorial and proofing changes and compare your document with earlier drafts.

I will return your completed job by email.

All documents will be deleted from my email and hard drive 30 days after I receive the final payment.


I will issue invoices either on completion of the project or at agreed times for long projects.

Payment is by direct bank deposit or Paypal and within 7 days of the invoice date.

I make every effort to stay within my estimate. If your job takes longer than anticipated, I will contact you immediately to explain why and seek your advice before continuing.

All information that you give me will remain confidential.


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